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About Me

Christina here... food junkie in LA! And this is my blog, where I love to share all my favorite recipes and with you all. I love food, whether it's cooking it or eating it. Growing up in a very loving and food-savoring family gave me the opportunity to experiment a lot and through an awful lot of trial & error, I became a really good cook. I'm not the kind of person to just eat anything just to fill myself. I have to have the best food, full of flavor and somewhat addicting! 

My mom hates being in the kitchen. She cooks well when she wants to. But, if she can delegate the cooking to someone else, she definitely will. My dad on the other hand loves cooking and he's an amazing cook and I've learned a lot from him. What they say is true, you know?! Practice makes perfect! And if you put your heart into it, you can do whatever you want. Food tastes so much better when you add some love and passion (a little bit of TLC) into it! I have always felt an intense satisfaction from feeding people so when I cook, I enjoy doing it & boy, is it a success!

Whether at home or while traveling around the world, I am always on the lookout to find new ingredients, create or learn new recipes, and discover new and unique kitchen gadgets. I love tasting new dishes from all over the world and learning their cuisines! When I travel, I’m constantly looking for new inspiration. They are memories that I will always treasure.

Many people I know, who have had my food, have told me to take pictures of the foods I cook and make a cookbook out of it. But I wanted something a little more than that. So, here's my blog of my yummy recipes. I invite you to join me on my culinary journey of traditional and modern takes on international dishes. When I started this blog in 2012, I did it on the side for fun, for my family & friends. I never, ever imagined that it would grow to what it is at the moment. I never thought it would be viewed internationally. But here it is, and I hope to inspire you all in the kitchen and to encourage you to have a love for cooking by recreating my recipes that are easy and delicious. Enjoy!


This is me in a nutshell.


25% Jordanian, 75% Middle Eastern Armenian

Languages Spoken:

English, Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, working on Italian



  • Co-Owner of a Restaurant & Bakery Supply Distribution company (Perfection Products, Inc.) located in Southern California.

  • Preschool Teacher



  • Bachelors in Psychology

  • Masters of Education ( progress!)



  • always being surrounded by loved ones! Just enjoy people and life to the fullest!

  • TRAVELING, like put me on a plane anytime!

  • cooking (obviously)

  • learning new languages

  • scrapbooking



  • doing the dishes

  • waking up early

  • cold weather

And there you have it.

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